Saturday 15 June 2019

Please come back to me.

Where are you?
You were right here by my side. You had a tight grip. I thought it was forever, I thought that once you came that you were going to stay. But you left. Now I feel empty. I feel like a huge part of me is missing. How can I function without you? How can I succeed? How am I supposed to live my life without you? Since you've been gone I am feeling completely unfulfilled. Nothing much brings me any joy. Trying to do the things that once made me happy just leaves me feeling tired. I feel lost and empty a lot of the time. Drifting into darkness most days. Without you there is no me.
Motivation, where are you?
I'm sorry if I took you for granted, I promise I'll do better. I will cherish you and fight to keep you forever. When you're here I feel like myself. I feel empowered and whole. I sleep better, dream better and think better. I am able to see the good. I get excited and smile more. I don't mean to sound impatient but I just feel so low without you. I think I have waited long enough, don't you? 
Please come back to me. Please.

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