Thursday 25 August 2016

Reminiscing About My Make Up Collection

Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of make up and I regret nothing xD
I have always been intrigued my cosmetics, even from a young age. I would watch my mum putting on her make up sometimes and just be like
keeping with the times with a JigglyPuff ;) *source*

It was just wondrous stuff! Whenever my mum has worn makeup, she sticks to what she likes. She has one eye shadow. Yes. ONE.
And the result is make up that is pretty and slightly understated...
And then you have me who whacks orangey eye shadows on like there's no tomorrow and has more eye shadows than there are days in the year ;)

I came across a picture from my first ever make up collection blog post and then one from a few years ago and I couldn't help but smile.
Laugh/smile you get the picture xD
I thought it would be nice for me to write a rather nostalgic post revisiting how my collection has changed over the years <3

So without further ado (and without anymore Pokemon memes) let's get started...

In the year 2011 I started finding a real passion for make up. It was like I had awoken a dormant monster.
I began buying more and more make up
So that's how I got where I am...
From 2011 to the beginning of 2012 my stash looked like this...
*pause for reaction*
These were the days before everyone was using Muji storage and also before I realized that my collection could look however I wanted.
The plastic drawers were from Tesco, as were the holders that are sitting on top of them.
I look back at this picture with fondness. This is where it all began. This was the starting pistol :')

Fast forward a number of months.
Later on in 2012 I painted the above area, invested in Muji storage, and was feeling super happy with the result.
- In this time I also SOMEHOW managed to buy a whole lot more make up and brushes. What a wonderful time :D
So this was the result of a slick of paint, new storage, fairy lights and some rearranging...
*pause for reaction*
Yeah that's right. This is the same place xD
I cannot even put into words how happy this made me
I'll try because this is a blog post obvs.
It was exactly what I wanted. Everything was well placed, easy to get to and was neat and tidy.
I had found my place in the world. This is what I was meant to be doing with my time.
I was going to share my passion with people. Who doesn't want to spend their day talking about something they love?
I wasn't even thinking of the money aspect of it. I had just had a realization that this is it.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2014.
I had moved house and needed a whole new set up.
I was more than happy to continue using my Muji storage but had no where to put it in my room :/
I logged onto Ikea and this is what happened...
I bought the Ikea Malm Dressing table. The stuff dreams are made of.
I also picked up the Alex 9 drawer unit (which you can see to the right of the picture).
I had a lot of space, more than enough for my collection and it turned what was kind of a bad situation into a better one.
I had concerns that the table wouldn't be able to hold my heavy brush storage - which I missed dearly.

So one day in 2015, I tried it...
Oh that's right! It's absolutely fine - to date :D
So. I have managed to recreate the 2012 storage that I adored so much in the year 2016.
It's been neither an easy or quick process but when something feels good it's worth the effort it takes to get it back :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post. It's been a lot of fun writing it and looking back at where it all started :)
Ooops ;D *source*


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