Thursday 2 September 2021


 We are the only thinkers in our minds.

– Louise Hay


I’ve been feeling very disconnected from myself. That’s nothing new really, to be honest, but lately, I feel distracted and very distant from myself. I have attended all of my shifts this month (-1) which makes me feel proud. I have been disregarding myself at work. Not staying hydrated, not taking proper breaks, eating crap for the sake of it etc. On my days off, I do nothing and sometimes even less than that. It’s at a point now where I don’t even plan on doing anything let alone plan something and not follow through with it. I haven’t been creating, writing. Wearing makeup is a thing of the past. I get signs to meditate, get fresh air, watch something that promotes growth, sleep routine & waking up earlier, read… But never act on it. I feel so sick of continually getting to this point. It is so draining to know that this vicious cycle will just keep going round and round. I want to change/improve but I never actually do it. So sick and tired of my own unwillingness to commit to myself and my highest good. 

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